Redis: When to use what fearture ? [P2]

Hi guys,

After blog entry "When to use what data structure", today will discuss about other Redis fearture: transaction, scripting, pub/sub, hyperloglog. You may find some thing helpful with your system, your applicaion and more, have fun.


+ Url:
+ Fearture: Execution of a group of commands in a single step
+ When to use: Run multi command with transaction


+ Url:
+ Fearture: Run simple commands that will take a single exchange with the server script
+ When to use: Run faster, save bandwidth, I/O when have huge amount of request exchange between client and server
+ Document:


+ Url:
+ Data structure:
+ Fearture: quick messaging and communication between processes
+ When to use: Subcribe, follow pages in social network, or chat room, mailling list, RSS
+ Document:


+ Url:
+ Algorithm: HyperLogLog
+ Fearture: Count unique value with super tiny memory usage
+ When to use: Count unique value with super tiny memory usage
+ Document:

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