Restful service for Apache Phoenix

Apache Phoenix is a great SQL layer for Apache Hbase but the big disadvantage is you can only interactive with this project via Phoenix shell or Java JDBC driver, both solution must run in server which have Phoenix, other disadvantage  is no permission (every user can drop your database !!!), query profiler, caching,  ... so i wrote this project for easy, quick and remote work with Phoenix, enjoy it !
The primary aims of this project is create a rest service for any client programing language can use Hbase's SQL layer (Apache Phoenix) which only support Java programing language.
  • Feartures:
    • Flexible config
    • Simple restful webservice with Restlet
    • Query interactive with Phoenix via Restful api
    • Query black list (Agree or not run a query have specific string)
    • Root user with no black list
    • Caching query result with Redis
    • Report total query, number of each query type (phoenix, redis)
    • Log slow query


  1. Hi,
    I have tried to config the rest layer on top cloudera CDH4. buo t i had no luck.
    give your mail id i can send the error what i am getting when setting up the layer.


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