Stream processing - A big gun for big data guys

What is Stream Prossing
Stream processing is a technology that allows for the collection, integration, analysis, visualization, and system integration of data, all in real time, as the data is being produced, and without disrupting the activity of existing sources, storage, and enterprise systems.

Understanding Stream Processors

A stream processor sits in the data path between the sources of machine data and in front of the backing stores. So no rip and replace is required. Incoming data streams are analyzed and can be acted upon without delay; sub-second response times are easy for a SQLstream stream processor, even at a tens or hundreds of thousands, even millions of events per second. The incoming streams can be forked off and stored raw in whatever persistent storage is already in use. The processed streams can be stored as well for later restreaming (restreaming is the fast-forward analysis of stored time-series data).

Batch vs Stream Processing

List of Stream processing solutions


  1. Thank you for including SQLstream in your analysis. We are proud to be the pole-bearers for real-time stream processing, alongside the likes of Storm. For more information on stream processing, our architecture and how we managed to stream SQL:


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