About me

I, Tu Pham is a passionate developer who comes from Vietnam, who have multiple responsibilities:
As a CTO of big data services Dyno,  I have responsibility for the technical decisions and architecture for the products, which are built on top of Google's Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service, Window Azure and some others IaaS, PaaS, SaaS services.
As a Google Developer Expert on the Cloud Platform, I help companies and startups choose their technological stack; make sense of their data using Big Data analytics, expose APIs, and build a high available, cost-effective scalable system.

As an open source contributor, public speaker, blog writer, I just want to give back to the community, which gives me and all of you too many good things to learn and develop our self.

AND the last and most important is as a father of a little boy, I want and trying to raise my son as best as I can do, and love my wife, and keep this small world safe and peaceful.

Ping me at: phamptu [@] gmail [.] com